Selenite Charging Crystal / White Selenite Mountain

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Selenite is a colorless, very pure, and noble gypsum variation with a pearl gloss. The name comes from the Greek name Selene meaning moon. It refers to the specific gloss of this mineral resembling a moonlight.

According to ancient beliefs, selenite is the stone of Selena, the bright and angelic babysitter of the Moon. That is why selenite arouses intuition and allows you to enter the land of dreams to read their future from them. In addition, it is a stone of honesty of feelings and goodness of heart. Selenite is also called the angel’s wing.

Selenite cleans and strengthens the aura, fills it with light, and removes energy blockages. It transmutes and heals, protects against evil energies and a so-called bad eye. It helps in channeling, brings information from other dimensions.

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