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The mystical properties of crystals and stones have been known and explored by humanity for many centuries. For those who work with them, they have unique capabilities that can bring health and joy into our lives - connecting us to our inner nature, balancing chakras, and healing our body and mind.

These beautiful stones act as conductors and amplifiers of any source they are charged with - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. They can work wonders for meditation, sacred spaces, and every carrying with you in your pocket while doing everyday tasks.

Here at MystiqAmber, we are committed to helping you to evolve - both physically and spiritually. All our products have quality assurance, and each one is hand-picked and aimed at one's journey.

They're not just a 'product', they're a powerful experience.


Hey. My name is Mysti, and welcome to my shop! I have been in love with crystals for as long as I can remember.

When I was eight years old, my mother gave me my very first crystal necklace, and ever since then, I have been fairly obsessed with them. And little by little, my dream of following this passion started to take root. Finally, I decided to go on a mission to share and spread the benefits of crystal therapy, and this endeavor has bloomed into my own business.

I started MystiqAmber in the middle of the pandemic to help others who are dealing with outside stressors and other trauma of the sort, and I am incredibly happy and excited to see what the future holds. You will find a hand-curated selection of crystalsnecklaces, and gift sets in the shop. From amethyst to obisidian and more, discover crystals and pieces that you may not find in your local area.

Go ahead, select your favorite crystal pieces, place an order, and soak up the vibes.