Why People Are in Love with Crystals: A Fascinating History

Crystal healing

Crystal healing dates back thousands of years, according to the folklore of crystal. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, clear quartz, citrine, and opal to anoint the tombs of the dead and to wear them as jewelry and protective amulets. Ancient Greek soldiers used hematite as a defense against battle and amethyst to fend off hangovers—some of which were claimed in other practices such as Ayurveda—and jewels such as sapphires and rubies are allegedly linked to righteousness and vitality. But the current market for crystals was born of marketing tactics used almost forty years ago. In the 1970s and late 1980s, the New Age movement—a collection of holistic crystal therapy and philosophy that emphasized self-healing—brought crystals to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Crystal Healing

Interest in alternative medicine or holistic practices is often haunted by the Millennial and Gen Z populations, but interest in alternative medicine and New Age beliefs has risen across the board. In 2018, it was found that 42 percent of all US adults believe that spiritual energy can be found in physical things. Irrespective of its use for healing, spiritual or personal practices, crystals have become part of a billion-dollar industry. And this has become a trend that you might be interested in. So, you might want to wear some spiritual crystals and chakra stones or meditate on them.
Crystal stones and crystal healingPhoto by Content Pixie
Crystals are defined as a body, which is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, a compound, or a combination, and its atoms and sometimes external plane faces have a constantly repeating internal arrangement. Some crystals are pretty rocks that we identify with having unique properties, such as clear quartz or rose quartz, but table salt and snowflakes are technically crystals as well. What we commonly think about when it comes to these activities are gemstones that can be exquisite, uncommon, and durable crystals, rocks, or other naturally occurring materials such as coral or amber. Most of the time, even though they are specifically talking to a gemstone, people would say crystal.

Unwavering Love for Crystal Stones

Have a problem? There’s likely a crystal healing method for it. Crystals have been said to have physical, physiological, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical powers. While many talk about crystals’ magical powers, they are still considered a pseudoscience, and studies have not confirmed to date that they have mystical or healing properties. In other terms, crystal stones or gemstones are mere rocks, as far as the scientific community is concerned. We can argue that it is a very aesthetically pleasing rock, but still, a rock. Has their booming success been influenced by the lack of support? Not really. The belief crystal therapy is its own kind of magic, like something that intangible human beings believe in.