Ways to Learn Crystals and Gemstones Effectively

Crystal stones, formed deep within the center of the Earth, have evolved over millions of years due to chemical reactions between minerals within the Earth’s molten core. In reality, the mineral kingdom holds the chemical building blocks, including plants, animals, rocks, and yours, for everything on the planet. As heat from the heart drives molten minerals upward, the land is always shifting and recycling itself. The crust of the planet is continually changing, which is why new crystals are being found every day.

Distinct Features of Crystals and Gemstones

What makes each crystal stone special and unique is its complex structure, consisting of highly ordered molecular patterns called lattices. Shapes and facets with specific symmetry types are formed as their pattern repeats itself repeatedly. Crystals are classified into conditions in stone recognition, which affect their aesthetic and positive energy.
The cubic lattices made from three equal axes formed into a cube are crystals such as pyrite, diamonds, and fluorite. The balanced structure provides naturally harmonious energy to these types of stones that magnifies everything around them. Like emerald and aquamarine, which are formed into four axes of six-sided symmetry, crystal stones can also be hexagonal.
Another popular technique of crystal identification is color. In fact, due to its connection with particular healing properties, many gemstone experts classify crystals according to color. For example, the color blue has a gentle and calming quality, while passion and desire are associated with red. Colors are also related to some types of crystals known as chakra stones in the gemstone world and how they are used for particular chakras, which are specified energy centers in the body.
Photo by Susan Wilkinson
Crystal recognition by color can be difficult for individual crystals. You can refer to a crystal book or directory in that case, which categorizes by color and includes a specimen picture.


Purple stones like amethyst and charoite have a magical luster, the color of enlightenment and intuition. They also help to balance feelings with relief from stress and positive energy. The crystalline structure of purple stones, especially when combined with other heart chakra stones, makes them powerful energy amplifiers.


Red stones such as garnet, ruby, and red tiger’s eye have a warming and optimistic energy that helps sustain the root chakra. It is the color of passion and life force energy.


The green crystals help activate and clear heart chakra, which has a calming and balancing effect on feelings. Green crystals like emerald, aventurine, green fluorite, jade, and malachite bring good fortune and wealth into your life. They are known as lucky charms in the world of crystals.


Orange stones awaken the passion within the soul. It is indeed an intense color. You can use orange calcite, aragonite, carnelian, sunstone, and copper to catch the spirit of the sun.


White stones such as selenite and clear quartz reflect purity and transformation, making excellent healing tools, particularly when integrated into crystal therapy.


It is associated with strength, defense, mystery, and crystals like black obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, jet, and onyx are commonly available black gemstones.


Blue crystals come with a calm and calming hue, and they are suitable for emotional and physical balance. Commonly found crystals in this color group are angelite, aquamarine, celestite, and lapis lazuli.