The Most Used Healing Stone, Their Properties, and Where to Find Them

Have you ever tried crystal healing in your life? Do you want to try using crystal healing but don’t know much about it? Crystal therapy is used by rubbing crystal stones on and around the body to cure people and their energy systems, which may help bring out any negative energy and create positive energy.
Crystal healing uses various types of crystal stones. I will speak about the healing crystals that are most used, their properties, and where you will find them.
Photo by Pat Kwon


The amethyst is a stone that is considered to be used to help heal hangovers and drunkenness as well. It is also said that this unique crystal is useful for assisting individuals to communicate with their spirituality and enhance their psychic ability. It binds with amethyst to the wishes of your heart and the meaning of life and then manifests them in your life! The upper chakras are aligned with this potent crystal, helping us bring the ethereal world to the physical plane. This means it will help you to achieve your dreams. Zambia is considered the world’s largest producer of amethysts, as it produces approximately 1,000 tons of them.

Rose Quartz

It is also called the love stone. This stone is widely used to attract and sustain affection, as well as to safeguard relationships. Rose quartz can also help to recover from disappointment and pain in your heart. There are several deposits of rose quartz throughout the world. You can find it in abundance in Brazil, South Africa, India, and Madagascar.

Tiger’s Eye

This crystal can be used for wealth maintenance and growth. The tiger eye is also known to help generate understanding and awareness, and if you feel anxious, it can also be a great stone to keep you calm. Australia, Burma, and India are some of the major exporters of the tiger’s eye.


This unique crystal is also used throughout your life to ground and stabilize you. If you are under stress or anxiety and need to feel relaxed and focused, it can be the perfect stone to have. This crystal will also help clear away and provide positive energy from any negative feelings resulting from stress or anxiety. It is linked to the chakra and has a deeply grounded power that reminds us of our human life. Usually, hematite is found in areas with standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in North America’s Yellowstone National Park.


Because of its wet, positive energy that it can give off, the citrine crystal is frequently used and has the added advantage of not needing to be washed or recharged. This crystal also helps to ward off any harmful energies going your way. It is understood that citrine promotes metabolism and helps with digestion and nausea. It can also be used to reinforce nerve impulses, allowing the brain to fire quicker and sharper. Olkhovka in the Northern Ural Mountains, Russia, is a classic area for natural citrine.