An Introduction to Wicca

You’ve probably felt the mystical sense of wonder these unique stones elicit if you’ve ever kept a crystal stone and gazed at it closely from different angles, turning it over and over. They seem to be quietly speaking of the Earth’s limitless, imaginative, living force. Crystal stones, used as talismans and in jewelry since ancient times, have been revered for centuries. Today, in crystal therapy and alternative medicine, crystal stones, and other mineral stones are often used to evoke positive energy from physical spaces, and for a wide range of mystical purposes. You will learn the fundamental concepts of crystal healing in this post.

What are crystal stones?

The word crystal also refers to a wide range of solid minerals, which are not all actually true crystals. They all come under the crystal stone umbrella. A mineral is defined as any natural inorganic material that is formed in the underground geological processes. Every mineral, along with its own energy signature, has its own particular chemical composition. When we hear the word crystal, many minerals have a molecular structure that forms a normal pattern, forming the flat surfaces and fascinating geometric forms we like to think about. Clear quartz is likely to be the most widely recognized crystal stone. It is the same material that is used to make crystal balls, followed by rose quartz and amethyst. Some other popular crystal stones used in Wicca, such as lapis lazuli, jade, and bloodstone, are made from a combination of previously mentioned crystals. While some crystals including amber and jet are just fossilized organic substances. Most of the people who work with these colored solids tend to use crystals and stones interchangeably.

Crystal Stones and Magic Rituals

One common use of crystal stones in Wiccan practice is to mark the sacred circle before the ritual begins. They are also used to honor gods, with particular stones that are considered sacred to specific lords. There are also some magical tools including wands and pentacles that are decorated with crystals. These tools are often featured in magical jewelry of all kinds. In magic, crystal stones are used for everything from healing to divination to the manifestation of money. These crystals are still used in necklaces, amulets, talismans, and other luck charms, as well as scrub and protection.
Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Crystals in Life

You can find these crystal stones in most of the shops, and there are even stores that concentrate exclusively on these incredible natural phenomena. Many who work on crystal therapy, however, would claim that you are chosen by the crystals rather than the other way around. You likely receive a polished stone from a friend as a gift, or you may also come across one in raw shape. You can purchase crystal stones from our shop, MystiqAmber, setting the intention that the right ones will come to you.